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Gun dog,shed antler and hrc hunt test training for retrieving and flushing breeds.

Gun dog training generally starts with introduction to various things your dog will encounter through out his training and hunting career,such as birds,guns,water,livestock,cover,boats,blinds,antlers and much more.

Once introduction training has begun obedience training can also begin.A controllable well mannered dog is a pleasure to own train and hunt with,while an ill mannered disobedient dog can ruin the best hunts and is close to imposable to train.

After ob and intro are complete yard training and various drills are the next steps in producing your finished retriever.At this stage your dog will be given the basic tools and training to understand more advanced training concepts and corrections as they apply to actual hunting,testing and field work.Advanced handling,marking and field training will complete your finished retrievers training.Remember every dog is different and time tables are difficult to predict.

Each dog will have a program built around them to meet the specific goals of the hunter.

the price of training is as follows.

1 Month OB and conditioning program. 800.00

3 Month gun dog program.2200.00

Force Fetch program 1000.00

Or a 800.00 per monthly training fee

Included in the price of all programs are Purina or diamond dog food and 2 fliers a month.If you feed a different brand you will have to supply it.Additional birds except homing pigeons and recall quail are an additional charge.Remember it takes birds to train bird dogs.A training contract,dog/owner information sheet bird use contract and a goal sheet will be completed prior to training.

the training grounds we use are coon rock,cedar valley and 2 local leased farms along with state run training and trial grounds.

the property available gives ample cover and terrain changes along with technical water,large ponds,lakes and rivers to replicate nearly any hunting or training scenario.With the advantage of the ponds and duck blinds at cedar valley training over live decoying mallards all summer long is something not offered by many gun dog trainers.Pigeon,quail,chuckar,pheasants and ducks are used and available at my cost to clients.(Full time dog training clients may attend Wednesday class with their dog free of charge except live birds.)

You may pay for training services using your credit/debit card if you wish.Go to the deposit or purchase page to use pay pal.

Wednesday afternoon/evening training class.

Starting in April I will be holding training classes.Class will run from 3:30 pm to dark.Topics covered will include all aspects of training from puppies and young dogs through advanced handling and field work.Classes will run in 6 week blocks at a cost of 150.00 per 6 class block or 35.00 per single class. In addition to your dog you will need to provide A strap collar,water bowl,tie out stake (available for purchase at class) leash,whistle,crop,e collar if you are using one.All other training supplies other than live birds will be provided.Live birds are necessary to train your gun dog and they will be available at my cost when you need them and I encourage you to use enough to get the most out of your dog.I have shot guns available Remington 870 12 ga but you are welcome to bring your own.classes will be held at local shooting preserves to allow for live bird training without the need to obtain a dnr permit.

Please contact Brian with any questions or to register.

training agreement

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