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AKC/UKC Labrador Retriever Puppies from proven in the field performers.

Don't buy a pup without all health clearances and a guarantee!

When your talking about dogs you get what you pay for.Make sure your getting a quality puppy from a reputable source.There are a lot of breeders selling poor quality.Do your research don't get stuck with a dud.Show breed dogs are breed for that purpose and field breed dogs are breed for that purpose.Crossing the two rarely produces a dog that excels at either.Beware of dual purpose breedings.

Labrador retrievers come in three colors according to the labrador retriever club of America,UKC and AKC.Black,yellow and chocolate,Even though the latter will allow you to register a silver as chocolate.(which in my opinion is wrong and eventually will totally undermine the efforts of ethical chocolate breeders)Fox red is a shade of yellow.If you are considering a lab pup that is not black,yellow or chocolate buyer beware.Those rare colored labs rarely have any proof of ability as in test or trial placements and usually lack health clearances.Anyone can tell you what you want to hear make sure they have some kind of proof to back it up.

Over the last several years I have seen several well intentioned puppy buyers make decisions they regretted later by not asking the right questions,impulse buying and just taking bad advise don't regret your puppy purchase.A little effort will get you a puppy you will enjoy and be proud of for many years to come.

Kyle at Dairy Land Retrievers will have pups on the ground shortly.His litters can be viewed at

Contact me for help finding your next gun dog. Thanks Brian

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