High Brass Sporting Dogs and Guide service -

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Dealer getting a drink

Roy taking the high road

Pheasants at Cedar valley

Trigger in Saskatchewan

Luke from Louisiana  Joe from Texas and Dave from Wisconsin after a good day up north
Luke, Joe and Dave along the jump river after a good start to the day.           
Roy,Comet and Dealer

Sadie and Comet after a good test weekend                                                                                                         
Wednsday training class

Jake from Elk Heart Lake WI with his first banded duck.
Hank getting after a chuckar

Dealer left and Comet doing some training

Uno on point at Cedar Valley

A new arival from J&L Boykins
Patsy hammering some chuckars.Not bad for 3 months old.
Kay coming along very well

A good set up on the Wisconsin river put a few divers and geese in the boat
A couple young guns on there first pheasant hunt
almost made it

Uno pins another one in the corn

a 64 lbs beaver and a 47 inch otter a good day on the river line

A few winter Wisconsin river flat tails headed for the stretchers

Sadie and Mac from Dairy land labs getting some work

Dealer doing some late season waterfowl work
Scott's pup Mikki x Mac at about 4 mo old
found Kay pointing somthing at 10 weeks old dont know what
Dealer making it look easy
Nitro Elhew Light Cahill pointing a butterfly at 10 weeks
Brian and Josh banding woodcock chicks in Mn
Scotts setter Ty on a spring woodcock

some late November  cans on the Mississippi
happy pheasant hunters at Cedar Valley

got another one
Uno getting steady
Scotts wife Deanna and some new critter catchers
Brian and Zoe cleanin out some varmitsgotcha
Crazy trial bred dog at a sports showsome successfull clients after the hunt
Wrigly and Decoy waiting their turn
training with Ty
Mikki after a long day
Dealer,Comet and Wrigley taking a break
Scott and Jake
HRC and training partner Tony with Toller Hollis
Comet and some sheds he found

Striking Elhew Mac on point
Jake on a covey
Don't need the net Scotts chocolate sh Decoy.

spring turkey near plain wis
opening day teal near blue river wis
Ripper with sassy,buster and hank.Brian with daisy and zip whakin some fawn killers
Jake on point
Andrea with jade bruce with el chad with maddie brian with jet picking up a tower shoot

some members of river valley hrc after an early season goose hunt
Pickles doing some steady work.
Opening day on the Mississippi near Ferryville with Dealer
Wrigley  with some honkers in northern wisSammy after a good morningSome cans on the Mississippi near Ferryville.Some late season grouse with MickiMicki pins another one.Decoy with some early season geese.Scott no where near Medford.Another one of Scotts African trophys.Some early grouse , woodcock and Micki.Josh's setter Maddie backing Scott's Micki.Hitch and Fink with a trophy cat.Wrigley with some snows.A little varmit control with the Jagdterriers at Cedar Valley.Josh with Tazz and Jeff with Cloe.Another trophy cat in northern Wis.gwp sue after an early phesant huntbrian and kat with a double banded ND tundra/whistling swan near Devils Lake ND.rommel kat and brian with a ND mixed bagopening day limmit in nw Iowa
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